Arise offers direct integration with Health, an Apple application which exists in every iPhone. Arise can access information directly from the Apple Health app, saving time and effort for our users. This data includes weight, exercise and daily steps.

Arise can automatically receive information from any tracker and smart scale, as long as it can be integrated with the Apple Health app.

In order to use Arise's Health app integration, please enable the following settings:

1. Please ensure that you've enabled the connection between Arise and Apple Health by going to Arise → Settings → General → and checking that Apple Health is marked with a ✔️.

2. Also, please ensure that sharing is enabled between the Health app and Arise by going to the separate Health app and choosing Sharing → Apps → Arise → Turn On All.

3. Finally, you can also check if any third party apps that you are using allow integration and data transfer with the Apple Health app.

Please note that in order to receive data from most devices or trackers, it's necessary to sync them with your iPhone. To do this, you can open the third party app which is connected to the device or tracker, and wait until pairing is complete. 

If you're experiencing trouble with syncing your steps from your tracker into your Health app, we recommend the following "quick fix": you can log your steps on Arise automatically through your iPhone's built-in pedometer. Then, if your tracker displays more steps than your pedometer, you can subtract the iPhone's steps from the tracker's steps, and manually input the difference in Arise app Exercise section. 

Here are some integrations with popular trackers that are available:

  • Fitbit: no direct integration, but free third-party Apps (e.g. Power Sync for Fitbit). 
  • Garmin: works with the official Garmin Connect App. 
  • Polar: works with the official Polar Flow App.