We currently offer one of the most extensive databases on the market, which is why the language and location of our users play an important role in available food options. If you can't find the foods you're looking for in your app's database, please try the following solution:

1. In your iPhone settings, please select the country where you are located: Settings → General → Language & Region → Region and choose your country.

2. In the Arise application, please ensure that your preferred language is selected: '2 lines in the top left corner' → Settings → Food Database → Database language.

3. If the specific product that you're looking for hasn't appeared, as a "quick fix" you can add it to your list of Favorites: to do this, on the food logging screen, enter the Favorites section and add your food.

4. If you would like to enrich your country's database by making your favorite foods available to users who share the same Region as you, it would be much appreciated. Because we try to make Arise available in as many countries as possible, some products may not have been added to Regional databases yet, as is common in calorie counting applications. To improve our public database please visit the Food logging screen and tap the paper and pen icon in the bottom right corner. The next step is logging into Arise - it takes less than 30 seconds and allows you to input the information of your food. Once this step is complete, you can already log your food - it's that simple!